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Privately held since 1995, themaplecollection.com is a well-established online firm dealing in hand-made carpets and shawls produced in Kashmir India. We at Maple Collection are dedicated to creating a breathtaking range of hand-made, hand-knotted carpets in uniquely quaint motifs & designs in diverse qualities and types that are appreciated and treasured by art connoisseurs the world over.

We have been successfully asserting and expanding our position as a global market leader in the highly upscale and luxurious hand-made carpet market for years, with an amazing rate of success.
There are many reasons for the Company's accomplishments. A major component is the professional senior management and a dedicated team of national award-winning artists and weavers who possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of both markets and individual customers.
Strong focus on product competence, constant innovativeness and world-class service standards are also important factors in the Company's successful development.
A constant objective to improvise and consistently produce awe-inspiring designs and motifs combined with a superb blend of the highest quality of hand-picked fibers that go on to create eternal masterpieces enhance the strong image of our products and the Company .